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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

FDU Vancouver - Upcoming Conference:

What Matters:
Starting the Conversation to Define
Key Values for the 21st Century

Friday, March 23rd, 2012, 1:00-4:00 pm
FDU Vancouver, 842 Cambie Street, Rooms: 133/135

Areas of Focus:
1) EDUCATION - including Role of Creativity & Critical, Independent Thinking
2) ARTS - including Literature, Music, Arts, Dance, Film Studies, etc
3) PHILOSOPHY & SPIRITUALITY - including Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts
4) HEALTH - including Alternative Healing, Fitness, Sports, Nutrition
5) SCIENCES - including Innovative Technologies, Discoveries, Theories
6) SOCIAL SCIENCES - including Interpersonal & Global Relations
7) PRACTICAL ACTIVISM - including Greener Environment & Global Peace

Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Cecil Abrahams, Campus Provost, FDU Vancouver

FDU Students, Staff, Faculty & Guests

Everybody Welcome!
Group Presentations Encouraged!

Length of Presentations: 3 to 5 minutes

If you would like to give a presentation at the conference, please submit your name, the title of your talk & a brief abstract (about 2 sentences to 1 page) by March 9th, 2012 to this blog as a comment under "conference abstracts"!

If you need help with your abstract or if you would like to discuss your topic, please get in touch with either Dr. Kiran Toor or me.

Thank you,



  1. -Gagandeep singh
    -Gudrun Dreher

    Teacher Birds
    We have so much to learn from birds. They are stress free unlike human beings. We are in stress, in tension for tomorrow that’s why we are always busy in earning and saving for tomorrow and while saving for the future and having enough for present still we are lacking peace of mind. Birds don’t have stocks of food for tomorrow but they still use to sing songs when they leave their nests in the morning even they don’t know from where they will get their food and will they get or not? In the evening they return to their nests while singing songs, they feed their children and sleep without wasting energy and time on thinking about an uncertain future which we cannot predict. Amazingly they have peace of mind which we also wish to have but we don’t know the ‘WAY’ of achieving it.

    1. Learning from birds - and animals in general - is an excellent way of learning about the world! Great topic!

  2. How much is matter to us to make Friendship?

    How many people truly can you rely on?if you have someone who can come your place and wake you up in the very early morning since your safety for your work. Then you can say you have someone that you really can rely on.It is important where you can find your friend and how would you treat your friend.

    1. Friendship is definitely something that matters! Good choice!

  3. Journey at the research for oneself-Lose your way to finally find yourself.

    1. Very good topic - and never-ending....

  4. Looking back to my experience ,changes,decisions I made ,I realize that what matters me most is working and having fun in job.

    Lynn Wang.

    1. Yes, having fulfilling work is definitely important! Thanks for posting!

  5. Harleen kaur
    AIDS FREE 2015
    I would like to bring to the attention of our audience how we can all have a share in eliminating AIDS by 2015.